Sugar dating in singapore

Sick Of Clingy Sugar Daddies? “Try Being A Social Escort Instead, It’s Easier” Says One

Many girls who are escorts start off as sugar babies first. However, there are some inherent downsides with sugar dating.

One such social escort, Alexa, said she joined an escort agency in Singapore after realizing that being an escort with a local agency can make her much more money with less emotional effort than sugar dating. Here is one such agency in Singapore –

Why is being a social escort supposedly easier than being a sugar baby?

Photo source: The New Paper (sugar daddy passing Singapore dollars to his sugar baby)

A sugar baby often has to deal with the end client themselves – the sugar daddies. This means that there is a form of privacy loss in that your number will be provided to your sugar daddy. You will then need to contact and liaise with him. Over time, there may be some sugar daddies who tend to become overly clingy. Since they are paying you, and they have your number, some may act like needy boyfriends to you. Your sugar daddy could in this way demand more from you over time despite paying the same.

You may be required to completely change your phone number to ‘avoid’ a clingy sugar daddy – not the case when it comes to social escorting

Second of all, not many people have two numbers or phones. This means that if you want to truly prevent your sugar daddy from contacting you, you need to get a new phone or SIM card. Since many people may be on their parents’ plans, doing this may seem weird to your parents. You may also be required to come up with some excuse or reason for changing. That can be a potential hassle. However, when it comes to joining an escort agency, the agency is the one liaising. Under no circumstance will you be required to communicate or stay in communication with the end client. Once it ends, it ends. You are paid for every hour of your time and effort.

With a good social escort agency, you need not find arrangements or jobs yourself. They do it for you and you just turn up.

Thirdly, when it comes to social escort jobs, all you need to do is to attach yourself to a good agency. They will automatically be able to find jobs for you without you lifting a single finger. All you need to do is to be available when they found a job for you. This is in direct comparison to that of being a sugar baby. As a sugar baby, you will be required to find arrangements yourself. Being a social escort is definitely better for those Singaporean girls who prefer minimal effort to find and manage clients.