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Girlfriends For Hire – Are Social Escorts Worth The Money?

Everyone knows that social escort companions don’t come cheap. They are for the loaded and successful men, as you can see from the prices listed by the one of the popular agencies in Singapore – Twitter page of SG VIP Escorts. However, are they really worth the money to be a pretend girlfriend? Let us look into this industry today.

First of all, if you want a temporary girlfriend experience, there are not many options you have. You could go onto Tinder and try to get a date, but the thing is that they will not act as though they are already your girlfriend and be close and cuddly. In fact, Tinder is just a platform for you to get matched up to a girl, whom hopefully will meet you, and hopefully will become your girlfriend. That is a lot of wasted time and gambling required for you to get a girlfriend experience. As a successful and busy man, you probably do not have time for these dating nonsense. You just want something fast and easy. Here comes in the solution – hiring social escort companions.

If you have not engaged social escort services before, you may think that social escorts are a myth in Singapore – especially in such a culturally conservative country. However, escorts do exist in Singapore – you just need to know how to look for them. The secret is that local social escort companions in Singapore are only found through agencies. No true Singaporean, local girls will work as independent escorts – due to privacy reasons. If they work through an agency, the agency is the one who screens the clients and lets the clients through. This way, the girl gets reassurance, which is necessary for Singapore girls. Therefore, if you want to engage a local girlfriend experience, the guaranteed way is to go through an agency.

I would say that social escorts are well worth the money – if you want a gorgeous girlfriend beside you, acting like an actual girlfriend without going through the hassles of usual ‘gambling’ in the dating world. It’s a great way to enjoy the premium girlfriend experience without the hassles of dating – even if you are old, not funny or too busy to date ‘normally’! Social escorts therefore are really only recommended for the rich, successful local and foreign men in Singapore. For these men, there could be nothing better than social escorts for a short fun time, each time.

What Social Escorts REALLY Do – Truth Unveiled

If you have always been lured by the idea of being a social escort in Singapore due to the high income and cash flow – WAIT! Read this article before deciding to become a social escort for real.

First of all, there are escorts with lots of preferences, such as the type of clients they want to receive, the locations they want to meet at, the type of timings they are available e.t.c. Do note that if you have too many requirements and preferences, the harder it will be for you to get any clients. There are escorts with sky high requirements they indicate to their agencies they join in Singapore, but do note that if the number of total possible clients base that fulfills that criteria is low, you won’t get any clients as well. Be reasonable and see what’s possible.

Second of all, did you know that most clients who ask for escorts are very last minute in their requests? This means that if you take 5 hours to get ready to meet a client, there is no way you can get any clients reasonably. Most clients want to meet an escort within 1 to 2 hours of their enquiry. If you cannot meet a client within such a short period of notice, it is better not to work as an escort, because you will get no business.

Third of all, social escorts really are pretend girlfriends. Social escorts are girlfriends for hire, and make insane dough while doing it. This means that if you are closed off to doing girlfriend-like things such as holding hands, and cuddling, do not work as an escort. Sexual services is never supposed to be part of the job, but all other romantic things is absolutely mandatory like holding hands, cuddling, saying sweet nothings e.t.c. is expected, and you must be comfortable with that. If you don’t, chances are, nobody will engage you anymore or your agency may fire you. If clients just wanted a beautiful girl to stand awkwardly beside them for the entire meeting, they should just find someone on the streets or hire an events model, not a social escort companion!