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Being A Social Escort Changed Me (A Singapore Girl Story)

In the previous post, we looked more at the American escort industry. In today’s post, I want to share a video of a local Singaporean girl who used to work (a few years ago) as a social escort in Singapore. If you are a client instead and would like to engage a social escort, make sure to check out a famous SG agency, SG VIP Escorts.

Otherwise, you want to read on to find out more about how being a social escort changed the life of a girl in Singapore.

In the following video interview by Razor TV of Straits Times, the escort (Giselle) being interviewed talks about how her life has changed due to being a social escort. Some of the biggest changes that can happen to you as a result of being a social escort is not what most people think.

First change is that it made the girl more materialistic

One of the main changes is that she has become more materialistic. Material goods and chasing such a luxurious lifestyle has become the norm. This is especially when girls who start escort work and see the money roll in quickly. That is also one of the reasons why girls who want to work as escorts for a short while usually end up working for long periods of time instead!

Second big change is that she now prefers regular guys for long term dating

Another big change in the girl’s life as a result of taking on a female escort job in Singapore was that she preferred a regular guy now. What most people in Singapore may guess is that girls who worked as escorts want to look for a rich man as a husband if they ever want to get married to keep the luxurious lifestyle. However, she just wants to find a guy whom she can settle down with, and not a high roller who tends to travel around the world and perhaps flirt around with plenty of girls. This is partly because most of the men who engage her services are usually highly successful business executives and she may have some kind of trust issues with such men in future.

However, despite becoming a social escort may change your life, many more Singaporean girls have been joining escort agencies recently. The money benefits definitely outweigh many of the disadvantages.

For other details, make sure to catch the following video!